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Specialized in repairing all
brands and styles of hearing
aids including:   ITE's, Full
Shell, Canals, CIC's  and all
digital and non-digital
hearing aids
All work is warranted including most parts and labor.
If aid is deemed "unrepairable" there is no charge.
Behind the ear ( Ric's & BTE's) may accrue additional charges.

Any Questions Call: 1-800-976-0601 or          
(913) 938-7556
Ask for
Hearing aid repair technician
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Payment with order
Mail to :
Kansas Hearing Aid Repair
814 E. Main St  #155
Gardner, KS 66030
Call toll-free @ 1-800-976-0601
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Priority Mail
2-3 days

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day mail
No Next Day to Canada
ITE of Full Shell
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E.R. Hearing Aid repairs all types of hearing aids and brands
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U.S.P.S  First Class
Economy Service

$120 each
3 Month Warranty

Any style of hearing aid & Brand

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Started on-line in 2006.  John is the tech/owner of Kansas Hearing Aid Repair lab he has been
repairing hearing aids since 1997 in his fathers office in a small town in western Kansas. His
father has been in the  hearing aid business  since 1970. So, John was taught by a lead
hearing aid repair technician of a well established manufacturing company in the West Cost.
During that time he learned to manufacturing hearing aids, work on circuitry and other skills of
the trade to repair all types of hearing aids.

Styles of hearing aids that are repairable include but are not limited to: digital programmable,
analog, custom hearing aids, completely in the canal (CIC), full shell, canals,behind the ear
(BTE), or receiver in the canal (RIC), and BAHA

All repair work completed at the time of service is guaranteed!

Turn around time is about 7-15 business days excluding delivery time.

Kansas Hearing Aid Repair also offers a 48hrs rush order.

A new circuitry or copy (clone) of your custom hearing aid can be made for a backup.

Most hearing aids are repairable New or Old.
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"John,,,,I would like to
congratulate you on a
great job. The distortion
john,,,,I would like to is
gone and my voice
sounds normal again. I
used to set the volume
bar on the TV between 45
and 60. I now set it at as
channels.  Thanks
I really appreciate that you
have years of experience,
your honesty, promptness,
and  being trustworthy.  It
means a lot to the people
that deal with you"
Bobby Johnson, OH
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Kansas Hearing Aid Repair is
is a hearing aid repair lab.
hearing aids styles are
included.   ALL work is
guaranteed. Over 15 years of
hearing aid repair experience.  
The goal is to save customers
money, while maintaining quality
of hearing.
1-800-976-0601 or 1-913-938-7556
814 E Main St #155, Gardner, KS 66030
Place cotton balls or tissue paper around the hearing aid to prevent it from moving.
Then put the bottle in a box and ship it to:  K.S. Hearing Aid Repair.
Please include a description of the problem with the hearing aid on the repair form.

Delivery confirmation and insurance  is available at the Post Office.  

Please put a return address, name and phone number on the repair form.  
To print a repair form, please click below.
Premium Service

$150 each
1 Year Warranty

Any style of hearing aid and brands

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Standard Service

$130 each
6 Month Warranty

Any style of hearing aid and Brands

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Free return shipping
"John Thanks for a get
me hearing again.
Hearing aid works
Robert Whelchel, from
Excellent repair
Kansas Hearing Aid
Repair. The hearing
aid works great and
even works with the
remote. Excellent
repair and timely
Seattle, WA   1/14
Thanks for fixing my
David, WA
Did a great
Will tell my
friends and
family about
Will keep you
in my favorites
Brown TX
Hearing aid repair $120
With a 3 month Warranty
Mail in your hearing aid today.
We repair. You hear! You  save!
Free Return Shipping and tracking number!
Money Back Guaranteed!
All work Guaranteed!
We will fix your hearing aid!
Kansas Hearing Aid Repair
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Speaker in the ear
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Very  satisfied will tell
friends about  KS
Hearing Aid Repair.
Thank You!
Spring Valley, IL
Thank You!  For
replacing the
circuitry in my
hearing aids.
They are better
than my other
ones were when
they were new. I
will Get 2 more.
Thanks Again.
Bill, OH
for saving me from
buying a new one
and money.
Sam, Claearwate FL
Hearing aid works better
than new.
Thank you for you hard
Flavo R
Osceola PA
John, great service  
time and I thank you.
Got my aid back today
and it works great.
Bob C. 3/2016